What Home Decor Trends Will Be Popular in 2022?

Keeping up with current trends in home décor is essential for making well-informed selections for future decorating projects. The latest interior design trends for 2022 can help you create a warm, inviting, and comfortable space, as well as select durable items and materials.

Plants are a great way to improve the air quality and health of your home, as well as bring color and texture to a space. Bird of Paradise and Pineapple plants are two popular houseplants that will be trendy in 2022. Bold primary colors, such as vibrant yellows and blues, can add a stunning pop of color to a room when combined with a neutral color scheme. Textiles are also an excellent option for use in bedrooms, baths, and kitchens. Used-goods shopping is another great way to save money and reduce trash. Thrifting can help you find quality items at a discount, while online vintage resellers offer neutral-colored wall decals, tables, and chairs.

It may not have been the exact start of the 'new millennium' as we had hoped, but there is cause for celebration when it comes to home decor trends in 2022. With plants, bold primary colors, textiles, and used-goods shopping, you can create a stylish and inviting space that is sure to impress.

Darla Hudalla
Darla Hudalla

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