Where to Find the Best Home Decor Stores in Everett, WA and Beyond

Are you looking for the best home decor stores in Everett, WA? Look no further than ReNew Home and Decor, Home Inspirations, Spruce Street Decor, Elegant Details, Kate's Gifts, edit, and Second Hand Booty — Home. These retail spaces and showrooms are becoming a destination of choice for interior designers and decorators. If you're planning a trip or searching for home decor businesses in your region of the forest, you have many different alternatives to pick from. From Walmart to ABC Carpet & Home, there are businesses that provide a variety of possibilities for purchase.

Home Carpeting by ABC

ABC Carpet & Home is one of Manhattan's most prominent homeware stores. Founded in 1897 by Austrian immigrant Sam Weinrib, it started selling rugs in the Lower East Side. In 1961, it relocated to 881 Broadway and quickly became a popular location for New Yorkers and tourists alike. ABC Carpet & Home offers rugs, bedding, cutlery, lighting, and home items for purchase. It also has a factory store branch in the Bronx.


If you're looking for contemporary furnishings for your home, CB2 is the place to go. With locations near you, CB2 offers a vast assortment of home items, including patio furniture, accent furniture, furniture covers, and kitchenware. It is also noted for its stylish collaborations with artists like Lenn Kravitz. You will find goods that are both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. Plus, the business hosts recurrent community events.

Design Beyond Reach

Design Within Reach is the ideal home decor retailer for design-savvy consumers. It offers mid-century modern furniture and accessories as well as outdoor furniture and accessories. Design Within Reach is a division of Herman Miller and was recently acquired for $154 million by the renowned furniture manufacturer. In addition to expanding into Southern California, the company has opened a store in Oxnard, California.

Theresa Fisher King

Sue Fisher King has been around for around four decades and is a store with an abundance of exquisitely carved furniture, scented candles, and some of the finest home decor in town. Sue also sells vacuum cleaners and provides a variety of souvenirs to please your family's travelers. The sales crew is both knowledgeable and pleasant.

MoMA Design Store

The MoMA Design Store is located directly across from the Museum of Modern Art and provides an extensive selection of art-inspired and design-oriented merchandise. With more than 1,800 items, including books, art reproductions, stationery, and apparel, it is a one-stop destination for art enthusiasts. The store sells products from the Museum's design collection as well as design furniture from internationally famous brands and artworks by contemporary Chinese artists.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane opened their main store in New York's Soho district earlier this month. The 3,500-square-foot area was created to provide consumers with ideas and space-saving alternatives. Its design also incorporates an interior design studio that will provide customers with expert guidance. The SoHo site combines traditional and contemporary furnishings and design.


Walmart has a few tricks up its sleeve despite its overwhelming victory in the home decor sector. Primarily, it is all about obtaining the finest prices and making them look attractive. If your schedule permits, you should be prepared for a few consecutive days to scout out the competition. In addition to home décor, Walmart sells kitchen appliances and other inexpensive accessories.

Suzanne and Lauren McGrath recently launched a store next to their studio in Greenwich illustrating that the best home design stores are not always located in a big metropolis. Obsolete in Culver City is not “simply another home decor store” but rather an impressive selection of mid-century furniture and lighting that makes it one of the best destinations in the Midwest. Kansas City may not have a reputation for being a leading home decor company but Moxie is a destination for high-end antiques, modern vintage furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories.

Lower Manhattan is more than one of the city's most popular home decor boutiques with John Derian Company offering decoupage, home furniture, vintage décor as well as new artisans and designers. The back of the store is lined with shelves containing decorative items, gifts, and hard-to-find things that would be ideal for completing a project.

When you find a store that has the perfect combination of quality products at reasonable prices then you know you have found your ideal destination for all your home decor needs!

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