How to Design Your Home with the Best Home Design Apps

As far as we can tell, home design apps are truly free at all times. Brands add their products to the catalog, so you can furnish and decorate your home with authentic products. The benefit of this is that you may plan your design to completion and have access to the actual furniture and accessories you used to imaginatively build your area. There are several things to appreciate about home design apps. Obtaining a home design software is essential because it will allow you to imagine your home's appearance and atmosphere. It will also give you a better idea of how to use your space to make your home appear larger, and it will provide a better user experience than sketchup and homestyler, with the best pricing and design advice for office spaces and mood boards, as well as extensive design capabilities, floor planning, and a larger furniture catalog for the desktop version with an intuitive user interface.

Home Design 3D

Whether you want to renovate your home or simply decorate your living area, a 3D home design application can simplify the process. With this app, you can visualize your home in a 3D environment, add floor plans, edit colors and textures, and share your creations with a wide selection of furniture and house designs. The basic version offers good design ideas and color palettes for amateur designers with a 3d version of floor planners and 3d floor plans to resemble a professional designer.


Whether you're planning a rebuild or simply changing your home's appearance, there are numerous excellent iOS and Android apps for home design. These applications can assist you in organizing your ideas, visualizing color palettes, and measuring and hanging your home decor. The Home Design app is free and offers over 26,000 objects in its library. This includes room dimensions, virtual tours of interior design projects, and expert advice. You may also measure and label your home's doors, windows, and other features. The iHandy Home Design App is an excellent all-in-one pocket toolkit for individuals who are planning a home renovation or update. It comprises a surface level, bubble level, plumb bob, and steel protractor. It also includes an on-screen ruler.

RoomScan Elite

Requiring RoomScan Pro for iOS, it is possible to create floor plans without using a pencil and paper. Additionally, you can add doors, windows, and other elements to your floor layout. This application utilizes augmented reality to provide a realistic view of your room. The application works by using the iPhone or iPad's sensors to detect the walls and doors in the room. The program then uses this information to generate a 3D model of the room. The application then exports your design in multiple forms, including PDF, DXF, and PNG.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D may assist you in creating a 3D model of your home, regardless of whether you are a professional architect or merely have a few ideas. In minutes, you may design a virtual model of your property. You may then visualize the design before purchasing any furniture or accessories. Planner is available for free download and usage, but a premium version is also available. The premium version allows you to add your own furniture and accessories to your design. You can also modify the colors and lighting.


Whether you are a color aficionado or simply want to change the appearance of your home, Color911 can assist you with ease. Using visual recognition technology, Color911 can assist you in visualizing the optimal color schemes for your room. You can even try it out for yourself by placing furniture and other objects in a three-dimensional space using augmented reality (AR) technology. Multiple home and design journals have unanimously named Color911 the finest in the industry. Using Apple's ARKit technology, the application allows you to experiment with new colors and furniture in a three-dimensional setting. Additionally, it may be used to explore new colors and build custom color schemes.


The DECASO home design application is a simple method to see your future house before purchasing actual furniture. Its intelligent design capabilities include the capacity to share ideas with peers, save designs for future reference, and alter wall colors. In addition, there is 3D cloud interior rendering and a massive library of 3D models. The application offers several hidden capabilities such as real-time interior rendering and an augmented reality (AR) design mode as well as multiple well developed filters like “Shake to get inspired” function which displays random items in your space.


Havenly is a Denver-based startup that links clients with qualified interior designers who mix online and offline services for customers who select their preferred designer and fashion concept as well as furnishings and accessories which they receive assistance with room arrangement, furniture selection, finishing touches etc.. Similar to HomeByMe it is incredibly simple to use without any instructional tutorials.

Houzz is another popular interior design website which offers very useful app as “one-stop shop” for inspiration and design advice from many professionals who can assist you complete the task as well as an online store.

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